Annual Report 2016DEENCN

The Essence of a year.

Through its acquisition of the specialty additives business of Air Products and the silica business of J. M. Huber in 2016, Evonik further strengthened its position in attractive markets and thus took important steps to ensure the Group’s continued global growth in the future.

We put together our own team of experts for the implementation of our digitalization strategy and founded a separate company that operates like a startup. Our aim is to use new business models to open up a market that is worth billions. To achieve this goal, we need know-how and, above all, creativity—an area of competence that, more than any other, is synonymous with Evonik’s success. The proofs of our creativity include innovative products such as probiotics for farm animals, powders for 3D printers, and PLEXIGLAS® panels for significantly larger airplane windows.

“Creating the exceptional” is the motto of the following pages, where we’d like to present to you some of our ideas that combine disparate themes and connect well thought-out solutions. These solutions will have a significant impact on our work and on the global markets in the future. As a result, this backward look is also a look at a future that harbors a wealth of opportunities.